Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Two weeks can change everything.

'What a difference ... (two weeks) ... makes...'

One of the things I’ve thought for a while is that a lot can change in just two weeks.

Life is like that: things are constantly moving; nothing stays the way it is for long.  I’ve been in some pretty low places at times, and some pretty high, only to find everything is different two weeks later.  What mattered then, doesn’t matter now.

It’s a real comfort to me to know this in low times.  I often tell myself: ‘It’s shit, yes, but just wait two weeks.  See how things are then.’  And the best thing is, even if things don’t change, there’s another two weeks right after it to try again!

Someone said to me yesterday: ‘You seem to have turned it around (in Nottingham) in no time.’  And it’s true: from not knowing anyone, having little to do, and being pretty fed up with the whole ‘move’ thing, I now know lots of people and rarely have a night in if I don’t want!  It’s how I like it.  And, it happened pretty much in the space of two weeks.  I don’t mean to flaunt it, I’m just saying it can happen.

Of course there are BIG things in life that take far longer to resolve; things like serious illness, marital breakdown or other such catastrophes.  I don’t want to belittle their impact here, although I do think there is still great hope in remembering ‘This too shall pass.’  

I wrote a song once called Tomorrow (You Never Know)Its point was that you just never know what tomorrow might bring.  So even in the dark times it’s worth carrying on because something good might be just around the corner.

There is one important caveat to all this, though: very rarely do things change without us doing something.  As Don Miller put it the other day: ‘If nothing in your life changes, what will life look like a year from now?  Five years?  Make some changes today.’

So go.  Now.  The next two weeks starts here with whatever you choose.

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