Saturday, 12 May 2012

‘Come and get your heart broken...and mended...and...ermmmmm...broken again...’ – Andi Wolf.

Wolf and Lockerby's Vanity Circus
I’m sitting here listening to a new EP from my best mate.  The title of this post was his tagline on Facebook for the recording.  He has a way with words, right?!

I hope he doesn’t mind me using his line, because it got me thinking: it’s what happens, isn’t it?  You fall in love, get your heart broken, patch it up with whatever bits of sticky tape and string you can find, before doing it all again. 

I’ve no idea what Andi thinks of my writing, so I hope he’s okay with me commenting on his work!  But every now and again some tunes come along that capture a moment, a feeling, and are so appropriate to the situation we find ourselves in. 

It’s something about being human: we all share the same experiences.  Which is why a song written so personally, with maybe only one person in mind, can apply to ... well ... everyone sometimes. 

Martin Clayton, writing about The Beatles’ song Hey Jude, said:

‘It is possible for almost any listener to relate to it personally.  For John (Lennon) and for Paul (McCartney) it may have resonated with the difficult circumstances of their own personal relationships, but which of us has not been through the break-up of a close relationship, or some other comparable trauma?  Paradoxically, this intimacy – the singer apparently speaking directly to each listener – helps create a mass appeal.’ (Clayton, 2007, in Words and Song, The Open University, p. 11.)

Wolf and Lockerby have achieved that here. 

Check out the new EP For When It Hurts...  from Wolf and Lockerby’s Vanity Circus.

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