Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Boulevard of Broken Blogs.

Some of the things I write for this blog aren’t good enough and don’t get posted (just in case you thought there was no quality control).

But here are some of the best bits from the past year of those that didn’t make the cut:

On being creative:

Bambi and The Chopper is coming along nicely, as nonsensical as that particular project is!  I sometimes think that’ll be the one that ‘makes it’ – the one that I wrote on a whim.  Isn’t that how it goes?  (Jason Mraz – I’m Yours, for example!)


In fiction writing, I was taught to give characters seemingly conflicting traits, like being shy and an attention seeker, because that’s what people are like in real life.  And it’s obviously true; no one is one dimensional.


On life in the early days in Nottingham:

I don’t like Nottingham – city of sirens – and I don’t mean the hot mermaid type.  Seriously, I’ve never heard as many ambulances/police cars anywhere.  And I’m from Bradford.  And used to work in a hospital. 


Other bits and pieces:

Life never stays the same.  Deal with those things you can control, the rest will happen anyway.


No-one should have the responsibility of ‘making you happy’.


My first thoughts in a morning:

7am: No way am I getting up yet.
8am: Can I get away with not getting up?
8.15am: Ok. I really have to get up now.
8.20am: Crap! I’m gonna be late!


There are many things I have often taken for granted, like cool places I go to, happy memories, or being creative.  I never imagine living without them; I would hate to.

Now I want to spend more time/energy on those important things, and develop more, because, here’s the thing: they may not be around forever.  Arthritis, memory loss, or a good old fashioned bulldozer could wipe them out in an instant.   

And then I’d wish I’d appreciated them more.

Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

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