Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bitterness, disappointment, and remaining hopeful.

Don't let a 'bitter chill' steal the chance of springtime...
(Too cheesy..?)

I’m glad I’m not bitter (who laughed??). I know some people who have let life’s disappointments turn them cold and hard; they seem to lack hope for the things they dreamed of one day having. It makes me sad.

I once read an interview with Virginia Ironside, an ‘Agony Aunt’ who writes for The Independent newspaper.  She said: ‘Once you feel hope, you’re always going to be straining for tomorrow ... Longing and hope keep one in a state of unhappiness’ (Third Way magazine, volume 33, number 6, 2010). 

What I think she meant was, if we hope for something, we’re not satisfied with what we have; she went on to say she believes acceptance is best of all.  At the time, I agreed, but now I’m not so sure.  (Never let it be said I can’t admit when I’m wrong.)

If we give up on the things we hope for, whether it’s love, a family, new social opportunities, or that career using our talents – and yes, these are all things I’ve recently considered giving up on – then what is life for?

Sure, life can hurt sometimes: we can get let down, things can turn out in a way we didn’t want.  But there’s always tomorrow to try again, and who knows?  Maybe next time we’ll get exactly what we’ve been dreaming of.

Never let disappointment and bitterness rob you of that.

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