Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The journey of life.

We don't know where this road is heading...

I’ve been thinking about this journey we call ‘life’ – and what a journey it is! Sometimes I think it's just wild and crazy, as yet another drama or surprise comes along.

I’ve talked a lot lately about experiences being worthwhile, whether good or bad. People ride roller-coasters for the thrill: the ascents provoke excitement and anticipation of the drop that will follow; the freefalls give a rush, a feeling of freedom and, of course, danger. It’s the combination of it all that makes it what it is.

I’ve had some serious ups, and some even more serious downs. And now I’m here – and the ride isn’t over. Whether tomorrow will be the beginning of another high, or whether we might go headlong into the deepest pit ever, we’ve got this far. We can make it through.

Looking back at life, remember that we wouldn’t be who we are if it weren’t for the experiences we’ve had. Those things that have caused us pain have helped us to learn about ourselves, about the world, and to adapt accordingly, getting rid of undesirable or unhelpful character traits. Maybe we wouldn’t like the person we’d be without some of those difficult things...

Soon enough (too soon!), I’ll be made redundant from my job, but there are other things making me happy. Sometimes it seems that we just get one thing sorted, and something else goes wrong. But that’s ok – life is a journey, full of twists, turns – and occasional loop-the-loops – and each of them leads onto the next.

You truly never know what tomorrow might bring; I wouldn’t want life to be boring, after all...

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