Monday, 5 March 2012

Love while you can.

Good memories: make some.
The other day I started thinking about things I love, and was dismayed that the first things to come to mind were material:

Like, my Kindle.
Or my guitar.
Or my laptop.

So I thought again, and realised that the things I really love are things I actually take for granted:

Like, cool places I go to.
Or happy memories.
Or being creative.

Because I take these things for granted, I never imagine living without them; I would hate to.

Which, of course, makes them far more valuable than the other things.

And now I want to spend more time/energy on those stuff I really love – and develop more – because, here’s the thing: they may not be around forever.  Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, or a good old fashioned bulldozer (I couldn’t think of an appropriate ‘A’ word...!) could easily wipe them out.

And, if they were to go – be they things, or indeed people* – then I’d wish I’d ‘loved’ them more...

You can’t relive times gone by.
You can’t recreate memories.
You can’t replace people.

So make the most of them: love them while you can.

*I deliberately left ‘people’ out as a category in my original thinking, because I think that’s something different, and more complex.  Although, the advice probably still applies...

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