Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Giving yourself options. (Not the hot chocolate kind...though I guess they might help too!)

A theory: no matter how bad a situation is, it’s not necessarily the situation in itself that’s the worst thing, but the lack of options available to change it.

At least, it makes you feel a lot worse: if you know you have an interview next week, the crappy job is a little more bearable because there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Without the interview, the misery stretches out before you seemingly endlessly...

What's more, two options are better than one; four options are better than two, and so on. The more options we give ourselves, the greater the chance of at least one of them working out.

For me, at the moment, that means options for finding some local friends. Those options, just tonight, have increased from one, to possibly five. And, to be honest, if they all come off, I’ll have to sacrifice something to make time for everything else I want to do!

What is it you hate at the moment? What is it that makes you feel down? Think about some options, and make some plans to do them. They might not change things overnight, but they’re the signposts to that horizon, where things can be better, where the sun rises on a new, brighter day.

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