Monday, 27 February 2012

Why are we waiting...?

My last post closed with the words: ‘Don’t wait, live.’  (I was quite pleased with that as a catchphrase!)  It’s something that has spurred me on this past week.

Life’s too short, everyone says.  Too short to put off visiting the places you’d love to see; too short to stay in a job you hate because ‘it’s comfortable’; too short not to ask that girl/guy out you fancy the pants off of; too short not to try and ‘make it’ at whatever it is you dream of doing.

(To back this up, in the past week, I’ve booked to visit my ancestral home, I’ve worked harder on my (first) novel, and I’ve even started planning a new album, which wasn’t even on my initial example list!)

By happy coincidence (if you believe in that kind of thing...), it just so happened that a musician was recommended to me last week, who I happen to now love (but not in THAT sense).  His name is Josh Ritter, and he happens to have written this:

So...what are you waiting for?

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