Thursday, 27 October 2011

What to do in a crisis of confidence?

Hold on to whatever talents we have...
So, the fateful day of my redundancy has arrived. Tomorrow I leave my job. And, yeah, it sucks. 

I killed my blog for a while as I took stock of my situation and threw myself into job applications etc. But I’m back. Because it’s good for me (and maybe you too?).

Sometimes things can affect us more than we think they will. I didn’t expect losing my job to matter that much to me, but it does. Several people have noted that I’ve gone into a bit of a ‘winter depression’ lately and I’m certain a) that they’re right, and b) it’s largely due to my impending unemployment.

What to do about it, then? A colleague of mine yesterday commented that being unemployed can vastly hurt your self-confidence: even ‘low’ jobs can start to seem overly aspirational (I’m not going to list any through fear of offending someone!), which is partly why I’m resurrecting my blog. Writing is something I believe I’m good at; it’s one of the few positive things I actually hold true of myself regardless of what anyone else thinks, and that’s due to some great, supportive, honest and trustworthy friends of mine who have given me confidence and chance to ‘fly’ with it. (Rebecca, that means you!)

My unemployment certainly has hit me hard. But I’m still a good writer. So, I’m trying to focus on that and the fact that not having to go to a 9-5 job gives me time and chance to pursue my writing. 

And that’s my advice for this post – losing a job, girlfriend/boyfriend, opportunity, or anything else doesn’t mean we’re any less of a worthwhile human being. We still have our unique strengths, talents, and great characteristics, so cling on to those and the fact of their existence. 

Which actually only leaves the financial implications of being out of work...I’ll let you know if I think of a solution to those.


  1. Thinking of you Martin, and looking forward to seeing your writing :-)

    Just as I wrote that, had a thought, may not be for you but... in working on The Big Bible Project, have a number of people writing (only voluntarily!)as #digidisciples - what it means to be Bible-believing Christians in a digital age .. ( ...

    You might be interested in writing about, as you have here, a reflection on financing your vocation, dealing with redundancy - most people write monthly or bi-monthly - it gets a decent number of hits, and likely to go up over Lent!!

    just a thought - not what I set out to write... but going with it...

  2. Thanks Bex. It seems ungrateful of me to turn down your offer, but I have a problem with attaching the term 'Bible-believing Christian' to myself these days, and wouldn't be comfortable being associated with The Big Bible Project.

    Thank you for the thought though, and your encouraging words! :)